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Thanks for visiting our website. Certified Remnant was established circa 2020. It started with a small group of individuals thirsting after righteousness. We would fellowship on Saturday evening. Certified Remnant is a movement. It's about making the distinction. We follow the Word of God intently. This movement is drenched in prayer. Moving forward we will focus on Kingdom Dynamics. It's important to understand the Kingdom to come. Prayer is an essential component of any ministry. We place high priority on prayer. Prayer is our access to heavenly realms.

We also place a high priority on being a living sacrifice. Through prayer and being a living sacrifice, we can pull the Will of God into the earth and disrupt oppositional forces. Jesus Christ was that example. Oftentimes, He was found removed from the crowd, praying. Jesus Christ knew His purpose in the earth. It was to be the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of the world. Again, thanks for visiting and read our next blog.

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