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Aqworlds Dark Mystic Bot Download

A video showing the functions of the new dark mystic (credits to shadow of de)Official download site: direct download link (zip): _mystic_v3.3. Zipdownload link (zip): The trainer is minimized to tray the moment you open it. How-to-use: - use the up directional button to open the bot manager - use the left directional button to open the cheat menu - use the right directional button to open the packet spammer- press "b" to load bankOn 05-03-2012 01:44 pm changes wrote:v3.3 - added packet spammer - ability to minimize to system tray v3.2- added auto-relogin- fixed the disabled minimize button- fixed the bug that makes the drops disappear- added get ballyhoo awards button- added buttons for boosts- added sell item command in bot managerv3.01- quests fixed- item drop by name workingv3.00- trainer releasedFeatures:- bot manager- auto use cp/gold/exp/rep boost- attack bot- get ballyhoo awards- boostsSoon-to-come features:- packet spammer (not sure, not motivated by it)- swf catcher- rest till full health optionBot manager features:- attack random/specific monster- move to location- move to cell- joining rooms- get drop- sell item- delay- quest acceptor/completer- custom skill managementdon't worry about dying, it won't instant spawn anymore. Use at your own risk, an update might come that will make you ban.Bugs? Problems? Report it as soon as you can.

aqworlds dark mystic bot download

Why it wont open on my windows vista even i tried to run it on compability mode for xp ,then i tried to open it then the dark mystic window opened, but i can see only white screen on the dark mystic i cant even see the login screen .. What do i need ?


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