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Troubleshoot Your Airbus Aircraft with airnav X: The Advanced Data Search Tool

This service provides access (consulting and downloading) to all engineering documents. [email protected] / Engineering is the reference service for AD, AOT, EUAD, MOD, MID, MOI, OIT, OIT-FOT, SB, SBIT, SB BOOKLET, VSB, SIL, and TFU consultation and download, replacing the Engineering Technical Documentation service (ETDS).

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airnavX is the smart digital solution allowing Airbus customers to list, download, browse and search complete Airbus technical documentation. airnavX has three setup options, via Online Browsing (accessible from AirbusWorld), via Intranet for customers' in-house installation or via Stand-alone for an offline computer usage.

Airnav can be used on a desktop PC or through the web interface using Airbus World. There is no other way and its primary use is to Airbus Operators. It's a protected application/service. If Safari is not compatible with the website, you might need to install Dolphin browser to increase compatibility with website. Dolphin can be downloaded from the AppStore.

AirNav RadarBox offers a plethora of flight tracking services and data solutions. The two most popular solutions include our flight tracking portal, as well as the RadarBox app where you can track flights in real-time around the world, listen to VHF Airband radio, view flight history, and download our data in several formats (CSV, GEOJSON, KML).

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You can also download flight data in various formats: CSV, GEOJSON, KML are a few commonly used formats. To download, simply click on "See Track Log". Basically "track log" page refers to flight data with all flight detail every second and minute, plus geographic position (latitude & longitude) and speed data, and so on.

RadarBox apps are available for both Android and iOS and give you access to almost all the functionality of the interface. Our apps are periodically updated to improve performance and add new features. To download our apps, tap on your App Store or Google Play Store icon and search for "RadarBox" and discover why over 700,000 users love the Radarbox app.

Any ideas for where to find reasonably up-to-date airport data, with latitude and longitude included, for download? I'm currently using Arash Partow's Global Airport Database, but it's very limited (


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