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How Simatic Key Installer Can Save You Time and Avoid Errors When Installing Licenses for SIMATIC Software Products

Step 4:Click on the drop down menu at the bottom of the interface list, and select Save, to save the SCC settings.Click on the Down Arrow to access the option drop down box and select the Language option.Step 5:Select your locale in the list. You can select any language.Step 6:Apply the config by clicking on Configure, and you are done!Step 7:Now to the part which would not be happening in previous versions. As the name implies, we are going to integrate the GSD file into your Simatic IT Business Objects.

simatic key installer 2013 13

Klicken Sie auf Hilfe, um die Simatic-IT Business Objects Hilfe von Configuration Starten.Inzwischen aktualisieren Sie die Varianz des GSD-Dokuments auf den neuesten Stand durch Verfolgen Sie den Link in Step 2.

You can use a SIMATIC ET 200AL module as a direct single user control or in a bidirectional link. In either case, your specific requirements are taken into account. In the bidirectional configuration, the module can be connected to the system bus in the series (protocol input) or parallel (protocol output) and information is transmitted via the digital interface to the further units in the system. This makes the ET 200AL module an excellent plug-and-play solution for single user controls in an industry or control system.

When connecting the SIMATIC ET 200AL module to PROFIBUS, you can select the Ethernet interface type. Ethernet 10BaseT and Ethernet 10Base2T are used to transmit data in 10-Mbit/s and 100-Mbit/s steps, respectively. Data is transferred via physically independent twisted pair pair connection. This allows the use of the twisted pair connection even though the data rate is half the data rate of the loop bus in PROFIBUS. Ethernet 10BaseT modules supply uniform data transfer on all connected PROFIBUS units. This eliminates the need for daisy chaining.


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